About You

Map of Ignite Studios facilityThe Spotlight Is For The Stars

​You might be wondering why we don’t have a traditional “About Us” page. Are we hiding something? What is it we don’t want you to know? Well, at Ignite Studios we’re in the business of putting our clients in the spotlight. If you’re curious about what we do, or how, we have some great information on our homepage about stuff like that. But if you are curious as to whether our sound engineer bought her first microphone in Duluth, MN, we’ll just go ahead and spare you the details. 

No, here at Ignite we reserve the spotlight for the stars, and that’s you. So, tell us about yourself; what makes you tick, what your passions are, what your dream project is and the philosophy behind it. The more that we know about you, the more your voice can come out in the work we do. That’s good for you, and that’s good for your audience. You came to us with a vision, and we have all the brightest Crayons to help you color it in (so to speak). So, what are you looking for?

Since you’re here, we take it the first thing you’re looking for is a place to set up shop. Whatever you are, (or whatever you hope to become)— be that podcaster, influencer, marketer, or mentor— we have the tools you need to set off down the path. That all starts with a world-class facility with a creatively rich production team. We’ll be in the trenches with you every step of the way as we work to create something awesome together. 

We Work For You

Again, our goal is to be the instruments by which you’re going to become a household name. So how can we help you? ​If you’re looking for a place to host an event, we can accommodate your audience of up to 125 people. If you want to host something remotely or record something to be broadcast later, we can do that too. So! Enough monologuing from us; what dreams are you chasing? 

Let us know by scheduling a consultation below, or you can call us directly. When we see you, we want the full 411 on what brought you to us, complete with all the midnight revelations, near-death experiences, and supportive teachers that gave you this crazy idea to seize your destiny.