a woman posing in a photography studioAt its core, filmmaking is a visual medium. To arrange a set, place actors, block a scene, hire makeup and costume designers, and tell a story goes so much farther than simply creating a tableau — it is life, in motion. On the other hand, still photography is the medium that launches a thousand words, creates introspection, and opens up the world to others; whether the photo is staged or candid, the right picture can change the world. 

So many of us have a story inside of us that is waiting impatiently in the wings for its moment on stage and we want to give your art its spotlight. With our newly renovated facilities, we provide all the equipment one would need to come and show the world something new with their photography.

Rent a Studio at Ignite Studios

Whatever you’re shooting for, whether it be a commercial or music video, or a series of photographs for an art show or school project, Ignite Studios has the equipment you need to get the most out of your photography. Cameras, lights, backdrops, props, an editing deck, a green room for preparation, and a number of helpful and knowledgeable experts will ensure that your project reaches its full potential. 

For those interested in touring the space so as to find out more about what exactly we have and what help we can offer, call or drop by today and we’ll roll out the red carpet. You haven’t experienced the true freedom of creation until you create with Ignite Studios and take advantage of our superior equipment and experience. No matter what you’re filming, our sword is yours.