woman recording a podcastComing In Loud and Clear

Quickly, can you rattle off the names of three podcasts that you listen to at least twice a month? Of course, you can. In many ways, podcasting has become the shared experience of the 21st Century. Regardless of where one lives or their economic status, podcasts have single-handedly resurrected the pastime of tuning into the radio so as not to miss a favorite program. Like bellbottom pants or going to 3-D movies, old things become new once more﹘only this time the act of creating and publishing content has become far more democratized. 

Naturally, you want to get in on this space; you’d like to ride out onto the metaphorical podcasting plains and stake your property. We love that idea and want to help you. As someone who listens to podcasts frequently, you know that there are a few things that are essential to your success. Some come solely from you﹘choosing an interesting topic, having on interesting guests, and publishing episodes with clock-like regularity﹘while others exist in our arena﹘namely, providing the finest audio experience possible.

Ultimately, you have things to say﹘opinions to express or knowledge to impart﹘else why podcast at all? It is our mission to ensure that you have the clearest, most reliable platform from which to speak and that your audience gets a taut, well-edited episode every time. This is more than just cutting out gaffs or off-the-record chatter; each one of us has nearly imperceptible speech patterns when we talk that would get in the way of a pleasant listening experience. Our engineers will get rid of annoying tongue clicks, incessant “ums” and “uhs,” as well as any background noise that might make it onto the track.

Our Set-Up

To accomplish this, we will first invite you and your guests to record in our specially designed podcast booth, complete with sound-dampened walls and state-of-the-art microphones. We even have a green room where your guests can wait until your appointment arrives. In the neighboring room, we have a full deck of sound gear, monitored and controlled at all times by one of our experienced and intuitive engineers. We listen to podcasts too and will know just how to edit your playback to get you the best possible result.

In addition to editing out undesirable noises, we can also help you put in things like sound effects and theme music. However you want to shape the soundscape of your podcast, we have the tools to make it happen.

Owning the Podcast Space

There is a truism in podcasting that will work to your advantage: If there are thousands of podcasts, then there are thousands of poorly-made podcasts. While we celebrate that everyone has a platform and a voice within podcasting, the fact of the matter is that so very few are well produced. By recording in a professional space, with professional-grade equipment, and professional people to edit it, you will create a product that draws people in, rather than pushes them away with shoddy production value. Well-made podcasts also attract sponsors, whose money keeps the lights on and gives you the flexibility to record whenever you’d like. 

If you have any questions or would like to take a tour of our studio, simply drop by or give us a call. We can’t wait to create the next big thing in podcasting with you.