Special Effects

woman editing and creating special effects on a computerThe Magic Factory

There are many reasons why we love what we do, not the least of which is seeing all the talent and passion that crosses the threshold of our business to come and make something memorable. Musicians, writers, actors, philosophers, and politicians…in every person is a story and in every story is the joie de vivre that makes us want to wake up and get at ‘em each day. While we at Ignite Studios are known primarily as a world-class recording and film studio, we employ the best tools and technicians in the state to add that special magic that means something different to everyone, though most call it by the same name: production value.

Enter: the special effects department. 

When we first began dreaming up the changes and additions we would make during our half-million-dollar renovation, we knew that we would have to kit out our film studio with as many of the modern tools of video production as we could find. This meant floor-to-ceiling sound dampeners, beautiful cyc walls, and the bedrock of all video special effects: a green screen.

Chroma Kings

One of the best parts of running a green screen studio is being able to look our clients directly in the eye and say “yes, we can do that.” The benefits of using such a tool for chroma keying have long been documented, from the earliest example of bluescreens being employed on Larry Butler’s The Thief of Baghdad (1940) to the local news using greenscreens for the weather report. Whereas these were once considered novel techniques reserved for the most technical industries, thanks to the changing nature of independent film production, we have the opportunity to use image compositing in nearly every video we shoot. 

As part of our total portfolio of services as a film studio, our engineers are experienced in using the greenscreen to its fullest potential, both during principal photography and post-production. We love collaborating with our clients to bring their vision to life for the whole world to see.