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Conveniently located within easy commute of the airport, and nestled right in the middle of Salt Lake’s three major arteries (I-15, I-80, I-215), you will find our state-of-the-art film and audio production studio. The older brick exterior in a historic (aka yet-to-be-renovated) neighborhood is the perfect disguise to prevent the paparazzi from rushing our talent as they arrived to blow the doors off their craft. No one would expect that such a humble-looking facade is really a veritable “magician’s workshop” of entertainment and creativity.

Incidentally, if you are a paparazzo, then these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. *Uses Jedi powers*

Yes, within these unassuming walls we run a state-of-the-art operation that boasts:

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And Much

The Quietest Recording Studio in Salt Lake

Assisted by a nearly half-million-dollar renovation, our film and audio production is aided by floor-to-ceiling soundproofing panels, with accommodations made to include both A/C and set lights! That means no more unwanted sweat, (unless our Makeup department spackles you itself). Each room has been suitably sound-proofed, including our editing bays.

Image of 2 men in the Ignite Studio, surrounded by lights and cameras

Robust Staging Areas for Video and Music Production

The crown jewel of our studio is a 1900 sq. ft. soundstage, with ceilings topped out at 13 feet high and cyc walls of full white and green, with scoops. Additionally, we have a 12’x50’ staging and green room area. Our control rooms come equipped with a digitally converted sound panel and electric grid and are separate from our audio recording studio.

Each room in our admittedly awesome building has an integrated network, which makes collaboration and creation easier than ever. And did we mention that we can accommodate a full orchestra?

Tools: Check, Talent: Check

Now that you have an idea of our set-up, what do you want to create? Are we filming a commercial? Recording an album? Shooting your next music video, or work tutorial? Whatever your imagination can conjure, we can make it happen. If you need the help of one of your experienced audio or video engineers, we have you covered. If you want to handle all the production and editing yourself, go for it. Regardless, our space is your canvas.

To the unsuspecting passersby, Ignite Studios is just another building around the corner from the haunted house (oh yeah, our neighbors are a haunted house). But to the movers and shakers in the media production industry, we are Utah’s best-kept secret; like dinosaur bones in the backyard. We’ve got your back! 

What are People Saying About Us?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This place is phenomenal!!! The sound is absolutely incredible. It’s utterly silent! Perfect for recording anything! Videos, podcasts, anything! Full suite studio! This place is beautiful! Come check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Gina Bacalski

I can’t believe this hidden gem! I have been to this studio for marketing workshops as well as a wedding. Talk about high tech, this studio is impressively designed to satisfy just about any project. Krista is absolutely amazing as well!

Brett C

Ignite Studios is one of the best recording studios I’ve been to in the US. The location is extremely accessible. The quality of the equipment and rooms is top notch.

Jon Kovach Jr.

This is an amazing studio! It’s like walking into another demension and has state of the art production equipment. Super clean and a relaxing environment. Everyone should come here for any production needs!! The owner is amazing and is so easy to work with!

Garrett Nichols

This is an amazing studio. They do it all here! Coming from an experienced person in the industry. This is the place to be in SLC. VERY professional and the talent in here is amazing. Tobi and Joe know there way around the sound waves. ??

Ryan Stevens