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A quality audio and video studio requires the seamless integration of many moving pieces. There is lighting, audio engineering, makeup and a variety of other necessary components to yield professional sound and video.

For this reason, Ignite studios values partnerships. We partner with experienced professionals who aid in the process of production and allow our customers to achieve the desired results. Such relationships are an integral part of our process.

Learn more about some of our partnerships below.

For makeup and hairstyling needs, we turn to Krista, the force behind Make It Up. Makeup is a fantastically subtle, but intentional and effective method of telling—even shaping—our stories.

As a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, Krista carries vast expertise in helping individuals capture and properly express the moment through appearance. Ignite studios is proud to partner with Make It Up who adds additional flash to the set.  

Become a Partner

We at Ignite studios are always open to collaboration. If you have expertise that could benefit the production process, we would be happy to hear from you.

Though not all partnerships are a proper fit, we encourage the growth of local companies as we strive to become the premier video and audio production studio in Salt Lake City and beyond.

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