Film Studio Rental
near West Jordan UT

Ignite Studios offers a state-of-the-art film studio rental near West Jordan, UT. We are the preferred filming studio for different mainstream and independent movies and TV shows. Some of the works that were produced in our studios includes the following:

  • West Jordan independent films 
  • online shows produced by West Jordan residents
  • West Jordan short films using CGI
  • music videos for up and coming artists in West Jordan

Sound Stage Rental

The jewel of our recording studio is the 1900 square foot, 13-foot high soundstage.

This soundstage is equipped with 2 cycloramas or cyc walls. Our green screen cyc allows for chromakey post production editing. Our regular white cyc wall or infinity wall makes a terrific neutral backdrop for many film projects.

If you’re shooting a film or a TV show, you’ll probably want to rent our large soundstage for your film project. With 1900 square feet, you’ve got a lot of space to creatively design the staging and shot angles.

If you want a smaller space for more intimate filming, our second video studio is also available to rent. It’s a 12’x50’ staging and green room area suited for smaller video projects such as like YouTube videos, podcast videos, etc.

Music video recording Salt Lake City - Ignite Studios
Music video production Salt Lake City - Ignite Studios

Music Video Recording

If you are looking for the best film production studio near West Jordan, Ignite Studios is the place to be!

Do you need help with the studio setup? 


Post production?

Whatever you need, our professional technicians are ready to assist. 

We’ve got the equipment, the engineers, and the knowhow.

You bring the ideas and the passion.

The Best Film Studio Rental near West Jordan

Ignite Studios provides the best film studio rental near West Jordan. We serve every filmmaker, TV director, and media producers. Whether you’re making a film, a music video, or producing a podcast and YouTube content, our studios are the best in the business! Here’s a sampling of media output recorded in our studios:

  • digital ad for a business owner in Salt Lake City
  • video podcast content for a South Jordan podcaster
  • music video for a singer in West Valley City
  • short film for a Lehi filmmaker
  • videos for a Sandy YouTuber 
Music rehearsal space rental at Ignite Studios in Salt Lake City

Other Services We Offer near West Jordan

In addition to the finest film studio rental, Ignite Studios also offers the following audio and studio rental services

Service Areas for Film Studio Services

Ignite Studios accepts customers from the following service areas.

  • film studio rental near Alpine, UT
  • film studio rental near American Fork, UT 
  • film studio rental near Bountiful, UT
  • film studio rental near Draper, UT
  • film studio rental near Holladay, UT
  • film studio rental near Lehi, UT
  • film studio rental near Midvale, UT
  • film studio rental near North Salt Lake, UT
  • film studio rental near Park City, UT
  • film studio rental in Salt Lake City, UT
  • film studio rental near Sandy, UT
  • film studio rental near South Jordan, UT
  • film studio rental near West Valley City, UT
Soundstage rental with green screen being offered by Ignite Studios in Salt Lake City

Film Studio near West Jordan FAQ

The price of a film studio varies depending on the company. Our recording studios are competitively priced, starting at $500 for four hours and $800 for 10 hours. If you choose to have an expert from our end assist you, we have experienced engineers whose rates start at $100 per hour.

Companies choose Ignite Studios because they can save money while getting top-quality audio and video recordings!

You can get a level of quality from filming in a studio near West Jordan that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons that a professional filming studio produces better quality digital media:

  • Soundproof. No need to worry about environmental noise such as traffic.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment. Recording studios have better equipment available for use than most people can afford on their own.
  • Audio and video engineers. If you’re new to film or music production, an engineer can help you learn how to operate the technology in a studio more effectively.
  • Privacy and security. You don’t have to worry about passersby capturing whatever secret film or commercial you’re working on.
  • Creativity at work. Shooting in a studio allows you to build props that add color and significance to your video.
  • Editing bay. Most film studios also have video editing services that you can take advantage of for quality output.

Yes, renting a soundstage or film studio near West Jordan can be very affordable, and the level of quality you get is more than worthwhile! If the benefits listed above aren’t enough to convince you of the value of filming in a studio, we don’t know what would. If you want to know more how you can take advantage of our studios, give us a call for a free consultation at (801) 999-8249.

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend shooting on location. However, if you have the funds but lack the necessary equipment, such as cameras, lapels, microphones, and lights, it is preferable to rent a filming studio.

Filmmakers and producers prefer to shoot in a studio because they have the control of almost everything in the environment, from noise, traffic, weather, set design, and more. It’s also easier for them to use green screen or blue screen for special effects, and shoot stunts.

A soundstage (or sound stage) is a larger studio that is mostly used for visual production such as TV shows and films. A studio—whether a TV or audio recording studio and commonly referred to as a sound studio—is smaller than a soundstage, but both “studios” are soundproof and use some of the same equipment.

The purpose of a soundstage is to cater to productions that require a bigger stage to shoot on. Films or TV series that have a lot of special effects using green screen are the usual renters of soundstages. However, if you’re a smaller producer and want a soundstage to have that theatrical effect in your video, then you can still rent a soundstage.

The average soundstage size ranges from 1500 square feet to 50,000 square feet. Our soundstage at Ignite Studios near West Jordan is 1,900 square feet.

You are allowed to bring your own equipment into most filming and recording studios. For example, at Ignite Studios, even though we have a complete set of equipment in our soundstage and audio recording studios, our clients may still opt to bring their own equipment.

There are no restrictions on the number of persons who can work in our studio. You can go by pair, or with a full production crew, including a director, writer, production designer, make-up artists, stylists, assistants, and more.

At Ignite Studios, our expert engineers can help you set up and maximize our equipment.

No, smoking is not permitted in most film studios. We at Ignite Studios do not allow smoking in our recording studios in SLC. Aside from the detrimental impacts on one’s health, smoking also harms studio equipment due to the toxic substances of the cigarette.

Studio filming or studio production refers to any audiovisual media (including films, TV programs, digital content) shot and produced in a studio or soundstage. Unlike in open field, producers or advertisers prefer to tape in a studio to control aspects such as noise and lighting.

The typical film production process includes pre-production (brainstorming, conceptualization, budgeting), production or principal photography (actual filming, shooting or taping) and post production (video and audio editing, dubbing, mixing). At Ignite Studios, aside from renting filming studio facilities, we also offer post-production services with editing equipment, and our in-house editor for hire.

Our large soundstage is 1900 square feet, which is large enough for many types of shots that movies use. Really, it depends on the nature of the film and the creativity of the director. If you’d like to visit and assess our filmmaking potential for yourself, contact us to arrange a tour!

Our film studio location is 1005 S, 300 W in Salt Lake City, not too far from West Jordan.

Yes, we have several parking spaces outside our building, and additional street parking can be found nearby.

Yes, our studio (or sound stage) is huge enough to cater to big productions for TV and film. The actual size is 1900 square foot, 13-foot high.

So, if you’re looking for a film studio rental in Salt Lake City, or a film studio near Lehi, a film studio near Sandy, a film studio near Bountiful, a film studio near South Jordan, or a film studio near West Valley City, you can book us.

Yes, we offer sound stage rental near 84081. It’s complete with two cycloramas or cyc walls. Post-production chromakey editing is possible with our green screen cyc. For many film projects, our normal white cyc wall or infinity wall serves as an excellent neutral backdrop.

For filmmakers not near West Jordan looking for a sound stage rental near West Valley City, a sound stage rental near South Jordan, a sound stage rental near Sandy, a sound stage rental Lehi, or a sound stage rental in Salt Lake City, book our studio now!

Yes, we welcome filmmakers and producers not near West Jordan. If you’re looking for a sound stage rental near Lehi, a sound stage rental near Sandy, a sound stage rental near West Valley City, a sound stage rental near Park City, a sound stage rental near South Jordan, a sound stage rental in Salt Lake City, or a sound stage rental anywhere in Utah, you’re welcome at our studio!