Video Production Services
Near Sandy UT

Ignite Studios is a premier video production service company near Sandy UT. We are the preferred studio for all types of video production, such as films, TV shows, video podcasts, advertisements, YouTube content, corporate videos, and music videos. Some of the video projects that were produced in our studios include the following:

  • video podcasts for top Sandy podcasters
  • music videos for Sandy singers
  • video content for aspiring YouTube vloggers in Sandy
  • Sandy TV shows 
  • video ads for businesses in Sandy
  • Sandy short and feature films

Video Production Rental

While technology lets you produce video material anywhere, a video production studio has a lot of advantages.

Our video studio is a creative space where you can bring your own set design, props, and equipment…or use ours!

For all of your video production needs, whether it’s for broadcast media, streaming platforms, or online advertising, choose Ignite Studios.

Whether you are a director, media producer, YouTube content creator, advertiser, corporate media professional, or podcaster, we welcome you!

Music video recording Salt Lake City - Ignite Studios
Music video production Salt Lake City - Ignite Studios

Music Video Recording

Do you plan to rent a production studio where you can shoot your music video? Ignite Studios is the top choice for Sandy music video producers.

Music producers, independent singers, and musicians love our affordable rates. They consistently rate us the easiest and smoothest space to shoot in.

We have engineers and studio staff who are ready to assist you with whatever questions you may have. 

The Best Video Production Services near Sandy

Ignite Studios is the leading video studio rental near Sandy UT. We serve musicians, artists, film producers, and directors. Whether you’re making a film, a music video, or producing a podcast and YouTube content, our studios are the best in the business! Here’s a sampling of media output recorded in our studios:

  • music video for a singer in Salt Lake City
  • video podcast content for a Lehi podcaster
  • videos for a West Jordan YouTuber 
  • short film for West Valley City  filmmaker
  • promotional ad for a business owner in Park City
Music recording studio at Ignite Studios in Salt Lake City

Other Services We Offer Near Sandy

In addition to the finest video production studio rental, Ignite Studios also offers the following audio and studio rental services

  • podcast recording studio near Sandy
  • podcast production near Sandy
  • audio editing near Sandy
  • video editing near Sandy
  • music recording studio near Sandy
  • soundstage rental near Sandy
  • green screen photography near Sandy
  • film studio near Sandy
  • audio production rental near Sandy
  • mixing and mastering near Sandy

Service Areas for Video Production Services

Ignite Studios accepts customers from the following service areas.

Soundstage rental with green screen being offered by Ignite Studios in Salt Lake City

Video Production Services near Sandy FAQ

Yes, you can produce your recorded music both audio and video at Ignite Studios.

How much time you would need to rent our video production studio depends on the material that you’ll be working on. For YouTube content, at least one hour would be enough to shoot a 10 to 20-minute video. But for music videos, it can take you at least 8 hours (equivalent to one day of renting) or more, depending on how simple or complicated your video is.

Yes, we at Ignite Studios can edit your video even if it was shot outside of our studios. To learn more about how this works, contact us at (801) 999-8249 or email

There are no restrictions on the number of persons who can work in our studio. You can go by pair, or with a full production crew, including a director, writer, production designer, make-up artists, stylists, assistants, and more.

The price of a video studio rental varies depending on the company. Our studios are competitively priced, starting at $500 for four hours and $800 for 10 hours. If you choose to have an expert from our end assist you, we have experienced engineers whose rates start at $100 per hour.

Companies choose Ignite Studios because they can save money while getting top-quality audio and video recordings!

You can get a level of quality from renting a video production studio that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons that professional video production spaces produce better quality digital media:

  • No need to worry about environmental noise such as traffic.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment. Recording studios have better equipment (high-end computer, xlr microphone, headphones, audio interface) available for use than most people can afford on their own. As a result, you get much better sound.
  • Audio engineers. An engineer can help you learn how to setup and operate the technology and software in a studio more effectively.

Yes, renting a video studio can be very affordable, and the level of quality you get is more than worthwhile! If you are ready to get started with your video project, give us a call for a free consultation at (801) 999-8249.

If you already have video recording equipment, recording at home is cheaper. If you don’t have equipment, such as microphones, editing software, mixers, and other essential elements, you’ll have to balance the cost of purchasing all that gear against the cost of studio rental fees. However, there’s another factor to consider as well: a video recorded in a soundproof space will sound much better than one recorded at home. Traffic sounds, sirens, and other ambient noises can make their way into an at-home recording. Not so in a soundproof room, such as the video recording room at Ignite Studios. The acoustic features of our studio lend to the highest quality audio possible!

You are allowed to bring your own equipment into Ignite Studios. Even though we have a complete set of equipment in our video production studios, our clients may still opt to bring their own equipment, whether mics, headphones, or other gear.

At Ignite Studios, our expert engineers can help you set up and maximize our equipment.

No, smoking is not permitted. We at Ignite Studios do not allow smoking in our video facility. Aside from the detrimental impacts on one’s health, smoking also harms studio equipment due to the toxic substances of the cigarette.

Our video production studio location is 1005 S, 300 W in Salt Lake City, not too far from West Valley City.

Yes, we have several parking spaces outside our building, and additional street parking can be found nearby.

Yes, our studio near Sandy, or sound stage for that matter, is the perfect location for production teams who want to shoot their music videos in a conducive and soundproof environment. 

For our media and production friends, we welcome you to our studios if you’re looking for any of the following: music video production studio near West Valley City, music video production studio near Lehi, music video production studio near Park City, music video production studio near Bountiful, music video production studio near North Salt Lake, music video production studio near South Jordan, music video production studio near Alpine, and music video production studio in Salt Lake City.

Yes, our film studio (or sound stage) is open for all types of production. Whether it’s a Sandy feature film, a Sandy TV show, a Sandy corporate video, a Sandy YouTube content, or a Sandy video podcast, we can accommodate you in our studio!

Our video production studios near Sandy ZIP code 84093 are multi-functional. Besides our sound stage, we have a smaller green room where you can record your video podcast.

For podcasters not near Sandy, if you’re looking for a video podcast studio in Salt lake City, a video podcast studio near West Jordan, a video podcast studio near Lehi, a video podcast studio near South Jordan, or a video podcast studio near West Valley City, you’re welcome to shoot at our place.

Our soundstage near Sandy can accommodate bigger productions such as films and TV shows. 

Whether you’re looking for a soundstage rental near West Jordan, a soundstage rental near West Valley City, a soundstage rental near South Jordan, a soundstage rental near Lehi, a soundstage rental in Salt Lake City, contact us and we’ll be happy to serve you.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur YouTuber near Sandy, you can shoot your video content in our studio.

If you are a YouTuber not near Sandy looking for a video studio near West Jordan, a video studio near West Valley City, a video studio near South Jordan, or a video studio near Lehi, come and visit us! You’ll surely have a great time producing your next viral YouTube content!