Audio Production

Overhead floorplan showing layout of Ignite Studios

At Ignite Studios, we believe that everyone has a deep connection with audio — they’re just waiting for the moment when they hear truly well-produced sound in order to accept this truth about themselves. Appreciating good sound can be somewhat paradoxical, however, since the best audio production remains undetectable to all but the most scrutinizing listener. When a professional sound engineer does their job well, the benefits of that effort — of transporting to a different time and place or finding oneself in the company of their favorite radio and podcast personalities — remain largely subconscious. But when the sound is bad, the reaction of the listeners is much more visceral; confusion, annoyance, even disgust accompany media with poor audio quality. 

Ignite Studios Makes Audio Production Easy

What makes Ignite Studios such an asset to the artists and content creators who come in is the dynamism of our space. When looking at our floorplan, one can see how much we have devoted to the pursuit of creating great sound. 

  • Two recording pods, where recording artists can feel just as comfortable laying down a hit single as an episode of their popular podcast.
  • A giant central studio adorned from floor to ceiling with sound-dampening panels and big enough for a full orchestra.
  • A state-of-the-art audio engineering booth where our gifted staff works to bring you the best in audio production.

It is one thing to dream about coming into a fully stocked production house and having everything you need to tell your story, and another thing to actually live it. We invite all who are interested to drop by the studio and take a tour of our facilities. We have recently finished a major renovation, making Ignite Studios the absolute best place to get your audio/visual work done. Come see Salt Lake City’s best-kept secret today.