The internet has made it possible for almost anyone to be a star! YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet as every day one billion hours of video are watched throughout the world! 

Small businesses are also using video more and more in their advertising. With video being one of the most effective tools for marketing online, companies must make good videos if they want to stay competitive and grow to their full potential. 

As a reputable Salt Lake City video production studio, we understand what you’re missing with your videos. Clients often ask how they can improve their videos, and the answers are almost always the same: Whether you’re trying to grow a YouTube channel or attract more customers with a killer video, you need better lighting!  

Lighting is one of the behind-the-scenes features that make all the difference when it comes to creating a good video. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Lighting Affects the Shot 

The human eye is incredible, to say the least. It can identify different forms of light and refract it correctly to “take a picture” in the brain. Of course, this is much easier when done in the light, but the eye can even adjust with very limited light to make out objects, colors, etc. 

Cameras are not like that. Nice cameras have technology that’s designed to alter lighting and autocorrect, but it can’t translate pictures the same way the human eye can. As such, having correct lighting contrasts in your video will produce a product that’s much more pleasing to the human eye. 

Lighting can also help to convey emotion. A brighter scene can convey a strong emotional response like happiness at the events on screen while a dark scene can convey greater drama. If you can fabricate certain feelings in your scenes using lighting, with the help of professional editing, the content feels so much more professional, no matter how cheaply it was produced! 

Best Video Lighting Tips 

Usually, when customers work with us in our Salt Lake City film studio, they’re surprised at how much lighting equipment we have! It’s truly that important.

But having the right equipment is only half the battle. You need to know how to manipulate light correctly. If you’re ready to improve your videos and get better feedback on your channel, advertisement, etc., here are some tips. 

Use the Three Main Ways of Video Lighting 

There are three areas you’ll want to focus on when lighting a video: key lighting, fill lighting, and backlighting. 

Key lighting shines a light on the focal point of the scene, be it a person or object. It should be shining right on that focal point to make it stand out more clearly. 

Fill lighting is used to eliminate shadows created by the key lighting or other light sources in the area. Use this light to “fill” areas that are dark or shaded. 

Backlighting is meant to create contrast between the focal point of your video and what’s behind them. Consider the mood and focal point of your video to help you designate this form of lighting. 

Take Advantage of Natural Light 

Whenever possible, film your videos near a window during the day. The natural light is excellent fill lighting, erasing unsightly shadows that can make your videos look creepy. A couple of notes: 

Don’t film with the window directly behind you. It’ll wash you out. If the sun is glaring directly into the window, it can also cause more shadows or harsh lighting. 

At our production studio here in Utah, we use professional light filters, but you can usually counteract this problem, with a white sheet or white plastic tablecloths over the windows. It keeps the light but eliminates the glare.  

Use Lamps or Professional Lights 

If you’re indoors at night or without natural light, a lamp serves as the best lighting. It creates soft lighting with minimal shadow compared to overhead lighting. Go for a lamp or two that lights the whole area of your video, and use a shade or filter if necessary to help minimize glare. 

Professional video lamps are a great investment if you often do videos without natural light present, but they’re not essential. You could also purchase a ring light, which is an inexpensive light that attaches to your phone for better face lighting. This is best for selfie videos.  

Use Similar Light Tones 

As you play around with lighting options, you’ll start to notice that different types of light give off different tones. Some are cool-toned with blue or white hints (fluorescents, LEDs, natural daytime lighting) while others are warm with a brown or yellow vibe (incandescent bulbs, shaded lamps, sunset lighting).

Try not to mix these light tones. It creates uneven lighting that feels off-putting in your video. Typically, cooler light tones are best when you’re shooting video of faces, but if you’re trying to create a softer ambiance, yellow-toned lighting may be better. 

With this guidance, we hope you’ll be able to produce amazing videos! If you’re looking for more tips, we’re a production and music recording studio that focuses on helping small businesses get the best videos and audio materials as well. 

Whether you’re looking for a professional recording studio in Salt Lake City or just a little friendly advice, we’re here for you. Contact us today!

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